Hello, Helsinki!

So I’m in Helsinki all this week, for this http://conference.ifla.org/ifla78/ … and presenting a paper on Monday morning there, so I’m a little pre-occupied.

But not too much! Walked around last night after dinner and did some “in the street” recording with a TASCAM im2 on my iPhone. The results were interesting, especially in contrast to what usually happens with my TASCAM DR-100 and shotgun mikes. I’ll be editing the tracks into something a little more cohesive over the next few days (when I’m not playing tourist in this lovely town!).

In other news, the “Drones for Nico” have been listened to by none other than Mr. Muhly himself, with his seal of approval! Was delighted to see his email the other morning, asking if he could share them. After my flight yesterday to here, I’m going to pursue this area further (some more ideas came to me while trapped in that aluminum cylinder for over 12 hours!) and will post more on that later.

But right now I need to get back to work on this presentation — I discovered that my copy of the paper I’d submitted lost a lot of formatting when they put it on the Conference CD (all the division headers and captions disappeared!), so I’m trying to be  sure that I get those in to the presentation proper.

If you HAVEN’T listened to those drones, please feel free to check them out over here:

1. http://audiozoloft.org/audio/DroneForNicoMuhly.mp3

2. http://audiozoloft.org/audio/PolyDrone-001.mp3

3. http://audiozoloft.org/audio/PolyDrone-002.mp3

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