Ohm, sweet ohm …

Some of you know I’m not really that big on blogging; it isn’t that I mind writing, but sometimes even the minor technology of logging in and using these tools is a sufficient barrier to doing so — I’d rather be creating something in the studio, visually or aurally. That may be one of the downsides to being an improvisatory musician …

But I’m giving it a shot.

Mayday is next week — seems like a good time to do something about the situation. The slant here will be musical; after all, you got here from the audiozoloft.org link (right? that IS how you got here, yes?), so I’ll try to use this for news and random bloggery about what I’m doing either as eponymous self, “usr/sbin”, “AldoManutio Abruzzo” (that profligate avatar!), “The Unrelenting Social Death March“, or as a member of the duo “The Avatar Consorte” (the newest effort of Tim Risher and me in Second Life).

Perhaps this will encourage me to share my musical efforts more broadly.

“…sue me if I play too long … ”



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