Mysterious Semblance, #300

As promised, some housekeeping/records-keeping — the playlist from my guest host stint for “Mysterious Semblance, Episode #300″. Links are current as of today.

1.   Intro/Voiceover — Generative Music’s Trope

2.   Tange, “Complex Silence 7, part 1″ 32:42.

3.   Paragaté (Tim Risher), “Bid You L” 4:42.

4.   usr/sbin (Dennis Moser), “Lenten Moon” from the 2010 “Full Moon Lunacy Concert Series FMC03 Lenten Moon, 25:51.

5.  usr/sbin (Dennis Moser), “Echoes from The Hall of Mirrors” (unreleased track), 19:00.

6.   usr/sbin (Dennis Moser), unreleased track from a live performance at the Third LIfe Studios, the Open Sound Performance Series, 31 May 2008, 15:07.

7.   usr/sbin (Dennis Moser, “Twelvth Month Moon” from the 2010 “Full Moon Lunacy Concert Series FMC12 Twelve Month Moon, 31:01.

8.   usr/sbin (Dennis Moser), live performance (“iOS Rising”), unreleased, 25 May 2012. Featuring live performance with field recordings by permission of Tom DePlonty (“Northern Mockingbird“) and Ian Boddy (“Nightingale“). Extensive use of Plogue Bidule and iOS audio applications including Camel’s Alchemy, Moog Animoog, and BeepStreet’s Sunrizer.

9.   usr/sbin (Dennis Moser), “Sine Dance” from the 2011 National Solo Album Month release, “Fall (verb, intransitive)“, 11:54.

10.  usr/sbin (Dennis Moser), “Home” from the 2006 Ambient Collective release, “Whispers In The Night“, 8:34.

11.   Outro and voiceover — Generative Music’s Trope.

TODAY: The Avatar Consorte Rides Again …

Busy day — I promise to get Friday night’s playlist for the 300th “Mysterious Semblance” posted (with links where appropriate!) later today, but for now I need to announce and get ready for a quick gig that I’ll be doing in a few hours with Tim RIsher in our avatar personae of The Avatar Consorte.

That will be later today in Second Life (actually about two hours from now! YIKES!) and we’ll be performing at The Gallery of Musical Sculptures. So the details are:

Sunday 27 May, 2012 11 am SLT (That’s US Pacific time)

The Avatar Consorte (AldoManutio Abruzzo and Flivelwitz Alsop) are giving a short concert tomorrow at the Gallery of Musical Sculptures! A totally improvised concert of manipulated sounds. Come on by to hear something you don’t often get to experience in SL. And here’s an SLURL to get you there:


“Your place of solace …”

Cranking up the creaky PR machine: May 25, 2012 06:00 PM CST (UTC-6)

“Mysterious Semblance” with “usr/sbin.” Dennis Moser, aka “usr/sbin” will host a special edition of “Mysterious Semblance” (Show #300! Tange’s beens a busy lad) entitled, “iOS Rising …” featuring collaborations using Plogue Bidule, and music with iOS apps.

That’s right — Yours Truly will be hosting the 300th episode of Tange’s “Mysterious Semblance.” I can guarantee some vintage Tange and some recent works by Tim Risher and myself … hope you can make it by to listen!

Bidulistas …

So last night we sat and listened as Gordon Macmillan, known as “Tange” at, hosted his weekly show “Mysterious Semblance” on Stillstream. This was a bit of a special performance as Gordie had given me a heads-up that he would be attempting to do a 4-hour long live performance utilizing Plogue’s Bidule.

The performance was simply stellar! Long, slowly-evolving sweeps and washes of sound that started in one place and clearly took us to new ones … ambient music in the strictest send of what Eno suggested.

Gordie sent me the bidule he used and it is something to behold, from a visual standpoint! Of course, before I can use it, I’ll need to substitute the various PC-specific modules he used (most notably, AngstroLooper and the Nanotron ones) with Mac equivalents wherever possible. Guess that’s what I’ll be doing for the next two weeks because on Friday, 25 May, I’ll be hosting “Mysterious Semblance” for him, while he does another gig! YIKES! I’ll be posting more details between now and then as I put the show together …

More of Gordie’s music can be found on the Internet Archive: “Complex Silence 7” for example …

Too early …

There are worse ways to be awake at 3:30 in the morning …

Woke up, couldn’t get back to sleep with a tune stuck in my head, so I got up, grabbed the Music Moleskine and pen, sat down with the iPad and MBP. Plugged in the headphones and started to work,

Needed to sketch out the melodic sequence, just to make sure. Used pen and paper, along with a quick entry of notes in Finale Notepad and Symphony Pro on the iPad. Exported the Symphony Pro file as a MIDI file via email and imported it into a MIDI player in bidule.

Wasn’t that happy with the MIDI file, so I opened up a step sequencer inside bidule and quickly transcribed everything into a sequnce. Then the real fun began . . .

5 May, 5:30 AM Screenshot

So far this morning ...

So what I’ll do next is add an audio recorder into the bidule, let the two sequencers cycle through a couple of times, and then upload a bit of the resulting audio.

And then I’ll take a nap!

So here’s an MP3 of the result. I did add two instances of the “Ambience” plug-in, one of the mda “Round Pan” (set at 60°, 6° per second) post-mix before the signal went into the audio recorder, so it’s hopefully slightly more “spacious.”

The LINK — 05May_001.mp3

More Fun w/ bidule

So another adventure in using extended MIDI delay chains today — with audio examples and visual aids to go with . . .

So here’s what the bidule in question looked like:

The bidule in question

The bidule in question

If you click on the image, you should be able to see a bit more detail of the links between the various modules.

Each delay module is set at 10000 ms; you can see the two sequencers (not completely; there are some higher pitches not visible, but these don’t make much difference) and you can see the three soft-synths being used (tho’ not the actual patches — if you really want to know, ask me in “Comments” and I’ll post that info).

I ran the sequence once through and then stopped it. What isn’t shown (I removed it from the bidule before making the screen shot) is the built-in audio recorder to create the MP3.

Here’s a link to the MP3 — a truncated version of the 45 minute original. The sequencer actually ran for just over 4 minutes; I stopped the recorder after 40+ minutes, so what we have here is a 9 minute version of the file that was created. Here’s a screen shot of the waveform:

The waveform for the truncated bidue audio file

The waveform

There were six basic “pulse” forms, from the sequencer so I used six more “pulses” from after stopping the sequencer to give a kind of visual “symmetry” to the audio file. Of course, looking at the original 40″ minute file, there’s a lot more of those pulses I deleted to get to here.

So that’s it. That’s today’s fun and games with one of my favorite environments for playing with sound…

“Hello, world” (with audio) …

Okay — a nice bit of time in the studio this afternoon, mucking about with a couple of bidules I’ve been experimenting with of late … creating “The Infinite Delay” chain. Also testing a MIDI interface (Sonuus GM2, with the Ministar Castar I got earlier in the year) to see how it would do with the bidules and the iPad synths. For the record, the Castar did just fine.

So here’s a little 20-odd minutes of bidule/iPad craziness—

28 April 2012