Performance today — 30 March 2014, 14:00 Pacific DST

* This is it —

New Moon: SPRING
AldoManutio Abruzzo, electronic music
Sat Mar 30 @ 2 pm SLT
Music Island @ Virtlantis

Number Four of Four — from “A Quartet of Moons.” It’s the last in the series of four live performances, dedicated to the New Moon of the seasons, this time celebrating the Spring New Moon.

… we’ve come to the end of the cycle (and of course, a new one begins) … I’ll be posting excerpts after …


I had earlier mentioned the Antara Project of my friend Annemarie Borg — well, as you saw there (if you haven’t yet, go ahead and follow the link above … I’ll wait for you to come back), she’s also a very talented musician. Some of you already know where this is going; after all, what usually happens when two musicians discover each other’s work and realize that they like the work? Well … if we’re lucky, this is what happens:


Yep … a new fusion that she and I have started working on … our first track is up, “Glittrande,”and it will hopefully be making an appearance on Yolande VeryHappy’s Radio Happy show for the holiday season …

A Modest List of iOS Music Apps and Resources

This is a small list of resources for music and composition using iOS apps and devices —

A Facebook group: iPad Apps for Music-Making —

little midi machine for ipad and iphone

iOS Music And You — Kickstarting Your Musical Lifestyle With Your iPad, iPhone, & iPod.

ThumbJam | Musical Instrument Platform for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

iOS Recording | Pro Audio Hardware, Apps, MIDI, Synths, Music & Reviews On iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch

iOS Musician



h e x l e r . n e t | TouchOSC

Sunshine_Audio-iOS Bundle

Luftrum 8

Kymatica | Software / BitWiz Audio Synth 2

ProLoop users guide


Silber Records: drone love honesty sound

Wizdom Music: makers of MorphWiz, SampleWiz, and Geo Synthesizer


Old Friends, New Music

Spending some time today playing with some old and familiar tools and some that I haven’t dug that deeply into but need to do so…

My friend Tim Risher and I were chatting about doing some more work together, under The Avatar Consorte moniker again, and he has been playing with GeoSonix for the past few months. I’d created a Bidule module to run with a GeoSonix file, the GS file providing the MIDI input to the Bidule, so I pulled it up this afternoon and started messing about. I’d added the full version of Camel Audio’s most excellent Alchemy to the stable a little time ago and I wanted to try out some of the wonderful sounds I now have available.

Messing about is always the best description when I start using a generative process; it always takes a bit of tweaking before I’m happy with how things take off … this time was no different.

The first track went well and it occurred to me that there were some interesting permutations still possible with the Bidule setup, so a second track is recording even now.

Here’s what things look like:

Making_ofI can’t promise when the audio will be available — I’ll need to give a serious listening before I go unleashing it in finished form.

“Hacking Blindness”

Life can be so very strange — this post is less about my music and more about music and the musicians that I have come to know.

Mandy Matz is someone whom I have never met face to face, but that fact is unimportant. I first heard of her through the writing of Warren Ellis* —  Warren likes to mention talk about the music he happens to be listening to when he’s working and it can be a whole new set of rabbit holes down which to fall — several years back, he mentioned some of Mandy’s work, then under the name of “Theory Anaesthetic” and I followed the links to give a listen. She’s based in Chicago and it’s not hard to turn up quite a few references to her with a quick search online. I’ve managed to keep up with her on Facebook, so if you’re there, you can look her up there, too.

But life is full of twists and turns and this morning, I learned of a new chapter in her life. She has started a new blog called “Hacking Blindness.” She is being treated for glaucoma and this is how she is documenting her experiences with the disease and her determination to find ways of continuing to create music.

I hope that those of you who read this occasional blog will go and become regular readers of her writings … please consider it.




*If you don’t know Warren’s work, you may be missing out. A lot! You can play catch-up here: … I miss his Freak Angel series. He’s never boring…

Returning to The Light …

So the Solstice has come and gone (and those other holidays are being celebrated with the usual mania that they bring) and we’re welcoming the fact that we’re going to start having a little more daylight up here on The Last Frontier.

There’s been some new music happening and I’ve been a bit remiss in updating here, so I’ll try and make amends now.

Much Ado About Nothing (with all respect to The Bard) — that’s what could be said about the craziness of the supposed end of the Mayan calendar last week. What is it about our race that we have this amazing fascination with our own demise? That we are continually predicting new apocalypses (hmmm, Spell-Check seemed to accept that as the proper plural)? Anyway, Sound For Good Music ( was inspired by the crazy and had a fun little compilation to raise money for, host of a number of my own performances and those of some of my friends as well. It is called, appropriately “Doomsday and Brimstone.” It’s downloadable for $1 US or more and for a very good cause, especially if you believe in supporting live music and/or experimental music (why else would you be reading all this, eh?). We’ll be doing another one, soon, in 2013 for one of my all-time favorite webradio stations, — watch for details on that one, too.

And speaking of Stillstream, you’ve seen me mention Rebekkah Hilgraves and her show “At Water’s Edge” here before — she’s been playing some of my tracks and I’m really grateful for it. She recently featured a track from one of my 2010 Full Moon Lunacy Concert Series (that link returns about 20 of my releases in the Internet Archives), the November event (release was called “After the Road Closed“), on her show entitled “Winter Solstice, or The End of The World As We Know It.”

Fun stuff, fun evening of music. Again, a warm thank you to Rebekkah for her continuing support of my work — she’s bringing back the spirit of Darrell Burgan’s Blue Water Drift Dive show that was such a hallmark of Stillstream … she’s on every Saturday night (details in the link above and on the Stilltream pages), so please support her by listening in and maybe join the conversation in the Chat room, too!

31 December is approaching rapidly and, with it, another live streaming broadcast on the aforementioned This year, I’ll be taking part (actually playing close to the end, at 05:00 GMT on 1 January, 2013 — sorry, you’ll have to do your own time zone calculations for that one!) and it will be the first live stream from the new studio up here. Got in the studio yesterday evening with The Godin and have started getting things tweaked and ready for the event. Here are some particulars:

~ The show starts at 13:00 GMT 31 December 2012 and runs until 06:00 GMT 1 January 2013

~ You can see a poster, with the schedule of performers, here

~ The show also celebrates 10 years of !

Finally, some news about τρόπος et χημεία (Tropos et Chemeia) — my 2012 National Solo Album creation. The audio is fine, but I’m not happy with the way the CD liner text came out. I’ll need to see if I can get it edited so that things are displaying properly and do the Kunaki thing again. I’m hoping I can wrap that up before the 31st!

Onward, into The Light!

Dipping Your Toes “At Water’s Edge”…the water’s fine.

Fun last night, taking part in Rebekkah Hilgraves’ “At Water’s Edge” show on Stillstream. Four hours of musicians experimenting with the Eno & Chilvers iOS app, “Scape,” some live studio performances and lots of great tracks.

For those who might have missed it, the podcast is online of the show.

I’ve posted all my tracks as a continuous track, available for listening here:

Headphones are highly suggested … enjoy!

National Solo Album Month, 2012: τρόπος et χημεία (Tropos et Chemeia)

Here is a link to a sampler of the five tracks that I put together for my 2012 National Solo Album Month endeavor:

All music composed and performed by Dennis Moser, aka “usr/sbin” using Plogue Bidule, running on a 13” Macbook Pro, under OS X 10.8.2 Some rights reserved; released on the audiozoloft netlabel, November 2012. This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. To view a copy of this license, visit or send a letter to Creative Commons, 444 Castro Street, Suite 900, Mountain View, California, 94041, USA.

You can contact me here if you’re interested in playing the full album (it will be available shortly on CD Baby and Amazon both); leave a note in the comments.

It’s November, the Election is over, and it’s time for …

National Solo Album Month.

That’s right. It’s that time again. In fact, for some folks, it’s really getting late to be starting on this project.

And that’s really too bad, because this isn’t a competition — it’s really intended to get you out of a slump, stretch those creative muscles a little, and have some fun.

If you’re not familiar with NaSoAlMo, check out this website:

And check back here to see how I do with this…I’m busily messing with Plogue Bidule even as I type this!